Google Calendar Is The Best Calendar App For Android And Here Is Why

In July 2009, Google LLC introduced the General version of Google Calendar, which has been used for time management ever since.

From the very inception, the Google calendar marked its place as one of the top productivity apps for Android as it helps you to set and execute your schedules. 

The Google calendar is powered by machine learning, which is designed to assist you in meeting your schedules.

To provide you with the best experience, this productive app is being updated regularly for the last 11 years.

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Among its various aspects, one that is coming during this pandemic, where everyone is working from home, is the collaboration with Google’s G Suite.

G Suite is a sort of subscription crafted for each sector, such as Government, Business and Education, which renders extraordinary functionality.

The Google calendar has a feature, namely, “Find a Time”, which suggests the ideal time for a meeting with a group of individuals, depending on their free time. 

What can be done by the Google calendar?

The Google calendar app for Android is used for multiple reasons and each of which aims to make your work swifter and smarter.

Following are a few of the things that you can do by utilizing the full potential of the Google calendar:

You can create and edit events

A user can create and edit events. Further one can set reminders for such events. 

Set location for your schedules

The Google calendar allows you to set location for your schedules, and it also gives you the window to share the details with others.

Retrieves birthdays from your contacts

The Google calendar retrieves birthdays from your contacts and gives you the choice of enabling or disabling such notifications.

Introduction of “Events from Google”

One of the advanced features, which has been crafted to make your work smarter is the introduction of “Events from Google”. This feature automatically creates events in the calendar by evaluating your email, and helps you to set your schedule beforehand. 

It has options like “Reminders”

This productive app for Android also has options like “Reminders”, wherein you can add to-do list and complete your tasks in time. 

Specifications of the Google calendar

The Google calendar for Android is designed in the smartest way, which makes it feasible for every individual.

One of the best qualities of this mobile-friendly app is that it is free and does not have any hidden charges.

Furthermore, it can be added that it has proven its worth as a digital time management device, as it supports not the only web, but also Android and iOS.

However, it should be mentioned that in mobile the version and size differ; hence it would help if you update your mobile’s operating system regularly to avail the best features offered by Goggle calendar. 

Top beneficial features of the Google calendar

By now it’s been clear to you about the utility and specification of this app.

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Now arises the matter of the elements, which makes it beneficial for you.

The top features of the Google calendar are laid below:

All-day event

The Google Calendar allows you to set start time and stop time, with an option for an “All-day event”.

Enabling “Recurring functionality

A user can enable a “Recurring” functionality with optional parameters for frequency.

Privacy settings

The privacy settings of this app allow you to define the levels of public visibility of the entire calendar or a single event.

However, the calendar’s default system shows users event times according to your local time.

Further, as a user, you can specify a different time zone for an event to make your work enjoyable.

The Google calendar offers the option wherein you can add colour to an event and distinguish it from others.see events in different types

See events in different types of setups

You can see events in different types of setups, including day, week, month, or schedule.

Allows you to set locations

The Google calendar allows you to set locations. This feature will help you to understand the venue of an event quickly. 

Enable or disable the visibility of unique calendars

Users can enable or disable the visibility of unique calendars, including a Birthdays calendar, that automatically retrieves dates of births from a user’s Google contacts and displays the dates.

Set notifications such as Email

As a user, you can set notifications, with options, such as email, mobile push notification.

Increased productivity

This productive app lets you invite other people to events; for other Google Calendar users, the event becomes visible in their calendar.

Other than that, individuals who do not use Google calendar will receive an email, with options for “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe”.

Top 4 reasons why you need to start utilizing the Google calendar 

After knowing the features and how its attributes make it a perfect choice to lighten your pressure, if you are pondering over why you need to start using it, you can go through the following section:

Integrates with Google

If you are always on the go, then you’ll find the ability of Google calendar to be synced with Gmail very useful.

The Google calendar goes through your emails to avail useful details, like the venue and time of a meeting.

Which, in turn, helps the software to set a schedule for that specific event automatically.

After completion of setting that reminder, it will send you a notification, to make you aware of the event.

Sync calendar with your phone

One of the primary reasons why you should start utilizing the Google calendar is that it synchronizes with your Smartphone.

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This beneficial feature will help you to set your essential schedules from anywhere you are.

Share with others 

Suppose you are creating an event, wherein you’ll be inviting ten others.

The feature to share the event details, will help you to send a notification to everyone from that specific group.

Program reminders

Not only you can create and edit your meetings, but you can also set reminders with this app.

Other than that, you can also customize it by adding when to remind you and how many times, etc. 

You Can Download Google Calendar From Google Playstore:>Download<


In conclusion, it can be said that the Google calendar for Android is one of the best productivity software for a Smartphone. The machine learning of this specific app will help you to be on time and execute your work with ease. 

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