Top 7 Best Productive Apps That Make Your Day Awesome

Are you also working from home, but getting distracted? Are you wondering how you can make your work swifter and efficient so that you can get your office work and household works done with ease?.

If yes, then you can go through the next sections to know about some of the top apps that can increase your productivity. 

The following apps do not only cover a small vicinity, but there’s an array of tasks that can be done by them.

From managing your tasks to learn new things, everything can be within your fingertips.

Thus making these mobile-friendly apps not only just productive but equally awesome for this quarantine phase. 

Best productivity apps that can increase your productivity

Google calendar

In July 2009 Google LLC introduced its time managing app, which is known as Google Calendar.calendar apps for android

This app is not only suitable for any Android device, but it can be equally beneficial for iOS users.

One of the most notable features of Google calendar is that it is linked with G Suite, which will help you to make your meeting more manageable and smooth. 

The top features offered by Google Calendar are as follows:

  • Google Calendar gives you the space to create and edit events. Further, you can customize your events, with time and stop options. 
  • You can add colour to an event to distinguish a specific event from others, or as per your urgency. 
  • You can add locations for easy understanding of an event’s place.
  • Google calendar allows you to view your events with different types of setups, including day, week, month, or schedule.

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Google drive  

Another productive app that has been introduced by Google LLC is Google productivity apps andorid

This app surfaced on 24th April 2012, since then it is updated continuously to provide you with its best features.

In simple words, Google Drive is one’s best option for managing files, and additionally, you can store them in your drive for future reference. 

The top features offered by Google Drive are as follows:

  • Google Drive allows you to back up any file on your phone with a single tap.
  • You can have a backup on your PC or Mac as well.
  • You can change the formatting of your files swiftly.
  • Google Drive allows you the space to comment on your documents from Microsoft Office files.
  • To keep you away from any distraction, Google Drive has offered a feature that lets you use it without an internet connection. 

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One of the oldest apps in this category is Audible. It was released 25 years ago, and since then it’s been a favourite to a lot of bibliophiles.Best Productive Apps android

Audible is a platform for audiobooks and podcasts, which was launched by, inc. 

There’s a plethora of books and podcasts that you can choose with minimal charges.

One of the most exciting aspects of Audible is that it not only allows you to learn about the things for your tasks, but you can also use it in your leisure hours. 

The top features of Audible are laid below:

  • You can get insider data regarding the author from news feeds.
  • You can switch between reading any book online by listening to them with the help of Whispersync for Voice.
  • Audible offers beneficial features, such as chapter navigation, bookmarking, sleep mode, variable narration speed, button-free mode. These features will allow you to keep track of what you are reading.

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The 2019 Editor’s Choice by Google award winner app Todoist is one of the most loved softwares.

best productivity apps andorid

It is a top-rated app in its niche of productivity; hence it has over 25 million users. If you haven’t used Todoist yet, you should know that it is a cloud-based app, which allows you to sync all your files and notes on your device.

Furthermore, to accentuate productivity, this app gives you the space to focus on your tasks without any internet connection. 

Following are the top features of Todoist –

  • Todoist allows you to add articles and websites with its tasks using browser extensions.
  • You can add emails as tasks from Gmail whether you’re on the web or mobile.
  • As a user, you can easily forward emails to Todoist as new tasks or comments.
  • With the help of Todoist, you can copy & paste multiple lines of text to create new functions from each line.
  • You can use templates to create reusable project checklists.

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Approximately nine months ago, Evernote Corporation launched its app, “Evernote”, which has been designed for task management, organizing, taking notes and productivity apps andorid

It is useful for a variety of fields, as you can create drawings, photographs, or make changes in web contents. 

Following are the top features of Evernote:

  • This productivity app will allow you to customize its toolbar and sidebar according to your convenience.
  • As a user, you can merge notes on Evernote.
  • You can password-protect words or sentences inside a note.
  • You can manage two notebooks under one tag.
  • One of the most interesting features offered by Evernote is that it allows you to use tools like screenshot clipper.

You Can Download From Google Playstore:>Download<


Like Todoist, another cloud-based app that you can use to manage your tasks in Wunderlist.

You may be wondering what makes it distinguishing than any other productivity apps andorid

In that case, it can be said that this significant app is accessible by one’s smartwatch as well. 

Microsoft Corporation introduced this app, and soon it can be changed into Microsoft To-Do, an advanced version of Wunderlist.

However, the following top features of this productive app will make you use it till it lasts:

  • You can share your work with your colleagues.
  • You can assign tasks swiftly.
  • It allows you to use tools like browser extension for smoother work.

You Can Download From Google Playstore:>Download<

Be Focused   

If you are an individual who can’t or don’t like to work straight for hours, instead you want to take short breaks in between, then Be Focused can be your go-to app.

This app will help you to take breaks and also remind you when your break is over.

This, in turn, will not only keep you pumped up throughout the day but will also help you to meet your deadlines. 

With the help of Be Focused, you can customize your breaks and set a timer for them.

You can determine the following things –

  • Work interval duration
  • Short break duration
  • Long break duration
  • Number of intervals between long breaks
  • Target number of intervals per day          
  • As a user you can avail interactive notification
  • Most importantly, Be Focused, you can manage your tasks with ease.


In conclusion, it can only be said that the best productivity apps for Android will help you to stay focused and make your work faster.

With work being done in time, you can also have some time of your own and focus on your well being.

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