Best Camscanner Alternative Apps For Android

Everyone loves camscanner app,one of the awesome productive app,it will allow you to scan any document and edit it as per your convenience.

After scanning these apps will save that specific scanned document in your folder as a pdf or jpeg file.

But there are lots of apps out there you can use as an alternative to camscanner. 

In light of this matter, it can be mentioned that after the outbreak of the virus, known as Covid-19 and with the ongoing political turmoil a lot of people have stopped using Chinese products, including apps.

If you are also looking for a non-Chinese alternative of Camscanner, you can go through the following section. 

Best Camscanner Alternative Apps For Android

1.Google Drive:With hidden features of scanning

You’ve used Google Drive before, but a lot of it usually misses out one of its hidden features of scanning.Camscanner Alternative Apps For Android

This is one of the many reasons why Google Drive is considered to be one of the best productivity apps for Android devices. 

Google Drive is one of the previously included apps that you’d find on your mobile.

Hitherto you’ve used it to store your documents and media; however, if you require to scan any document, you can use it from now on.

Furthermore, one of the best things about Google Drive is that after you save the scanned document, it’ll be saved in your cloud storage; therefore you can utilize it whenever you want without risking security. 

In respect of scanning, there may not be any exciting features, and its usage may appear to be similar to Camscanner.

Nevertheless, you can rest assured about the security of your documents, as Google Drive offers end-to-end encrypted security. 

Download from Google playstore

2.PhotoScan:Scan like camscanner

Another app that you can install to scan any document is PhotoScan.alternative to camscanner non chinese

Google introduces this specific app, and its primary work is to provide you with high-quality photos of your scanned documents.

PhotoScan is perfectly suitable for any Android device, which has earned this mobile-friendly software around 10,000,000+ users. 

With the help of PhotoScan, you can take glare-free and high-quality pictures in a matter of a few seconds.

The accuracy of the saved photos are impeccable, and this app comes with various tools which allow editing those pictures according to your preference.

Furthermore, it can be added that PhotoScan makes organizing your documents easier and searchable; hence it will save a lot of time, and you can be productive throughout the day. 

If you want to use this alternative of Camscanner, you can go through the following features:

  • PhotoScan comes with smart scan and perspective correction
  • It will automatically crop the unnecessary edges from the picture
  • Smart rotation is available
  • This app assures with top-notch privacy settings

Download from Google playstore

3.Microsoft Office Lens

An acceptable alternative of Camscanner is Microsoft Office Lens.

This mobile-friendly software thrives on boosting your productivity; hence it is regularly updated to offer you with the most useful features.

alternative to camscanner

Considering the usefulness of Microsoft Office Lens, this app not only bagged the award of Best Apps of 2015 by Google but also has 10,000,000+ users now. 

One of the impressive features of Microsoft Office Lens is that after taking the scan, you can not only convert it into PDF but also MS Word and MS PowerPoint.

Other than taking pictures, this app also gives you the space to import media from your gallery and convert them. 

It will help if you go through the following features of Microsoft Office Lens:

  • Microsoft Office Lens allows you to take pictures in whiteboard mode, which will make the photos glare-free.
  • You can also take pictures in the document to trim and colour images.
  • After completion of such tasks, you can save your document in OneDrive, OneNote or your drive.
  • It allows you to share your documents swiftly without risking security.

Download from Google playstore

4.Adobe Scan:One of the best alternatives of Camscanner

One of the best alternatives of Camscanner that you can come across is Adobe Scan.

This free scanner can help you to convert any business card, notes, a whiteboard to PDF in a matter of a few seconds.camscanner alternative for android

Furthermore, it should be mentioned that Adobe Scan possesses advanced image technology which will automatically detect any unnecessary border, edges of your photographs and omit it. 

Additionally, it can be mentioned that this non-Chinese alternative app of Camscanner will sharpen your content.

Adobe Scan is powered by OCR, which makes it perfectly capable to reuse old documents. 

If you want to use Adobe Scan, you can go through its features. The top features of this scanning app are as follows:

  • You can import images from your gallery
  • Can crop documents fast
  • Rotate document as per your convenience
  • Adobe Scan allows you to cleanup-image

Download from Google playstore

5.ScanPro:Editor’s Choice by Google

Finally, another best  camscanner alternative app for your Android device can be ScanPro.

You’d be amazed to know that this scanner will not only give you the space to scan any documents on the go, but it’ll also allow you to scan QR productivity apps andorid

Given its outstanding features and experience, this app has gained the award of “Editor’s Choice” by Google.

It should be mentioned that after you take a picture of a specific document, it will optimize it and will do colour correction; therefore, you can have a high-quality photograph.

Other than that it’ll swiftly convert your document into PDF and you can save it in your drive with ease. 

If you are interested in using this mobile-friendly software, you can go through the following features: 

  • Other than PDF files, you can convert your document into a premium quality JPG file.
  • You can fax your documents directly through ScanPro
  • Other than QR codes, you can scan URL, contacts, and whatnot.

Download from Google playstore


To conclude, it can be mentioned that there are a plethora of non-Chinese alternatives of Camscanner. Such apps are not only equally effective but will also boost your productivity.

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