Free Qr Scanner: A Best Free Barcode And Qr Code Scanner

With the advent of technology, our daily work has become simpler. We can send emails, make calls abroad, and even scan our documents and send them via different devices.

However, it should be mentioned that if you are on the go, it may not be easy to get a hold of such devices, and you need a productive app on your Android phone, to complete such tasks. 

Let’s talk about the usage of a scanner in the 21st century. It is not only limited in the vicinity of sending some documents, but a scanner, barcode scanner or even a QR code scanner is used to transfer money barcode scanner app for android

Considering the importance of this specific technology, Simple Design Ltd. has developed a free barcode scanner app for android, which can be used in numerous scenarios. 

Free QR Scanner: Barcode Scanner and QR Code Scanner:Overview 

The features of this free productivity app make it useful for every individual in each age-group.

An overview of this software will help you to understand its usefulness and why you should also give it a try. 

The size of this app is 6.6 MB, and the current version is 2.3.3 GP, which is suitable for any Android device.

To provide an excellent experience to the users, this app is being updated continuously, and the last update was on 29th July.

Considering its usefulness, 5,000,000+ individuals have already installed it.

Before you decide to download this app, you should keep in mind that it supports Android phones, and requires at least the 4.4 version to provide you with the results you desire. 

Now the question arises how we can consider it to be one of the best productivity apps out there? 

Firstly, it is safe to mention that this app does not cover a small area, but is capable of multi-purpose usage.

Other than generic scanning, this software can support any QR/Barcode format.

Further, this app can read and decode any barcode and QR code, thus making it one of the best productivity apps out there. The things that the Free QR Reader can decode are –









9.Promotion codes

10.Coupon codes

The above mentioned list depicts that there’s an array of things that can be done by one app, which, in turn, makes the free QR code scanner app for android a useful software for every individual. 

How to use Free QR Code Reader – 

After downloading this productive app, you can implement the following steps to use it 

1.Point camera to the QR code/barcode

2.The app will auto recognize and scan and decode 

3.Afterwards, you’ll get results and relevant options 

What makes it a productive app for you? 

Before coming to the large variety of features, which makes this free barcode scanner android an excellent option for you, it’ll be better to look into a few of the advantages that you can enjoy instantly, after downloading it. A few of such aspects are laid below:

1.It comes with an auto-zoom option

2.It automatically uses a flashlight to scan in a dark environment

3.No internet connection required

4.Every scan history will be saved

5.This is the best free barcode scanner for android because it only involves camera permission 

6.This app can scan QR / barcodes from gallery

7.It supports all QR & barcode formats

8.Lastly, this app is eligible to scan promotion and coupon codes 

Features provided by the free QR code scanner app for android

free qr code scanner app for android

The niche of this specific app is productivity, and the features offered by the same proves how useful it is for every age-group. Following are the features that you should expect to utilize after downloading this app – 

A.Supports every format 

The primary feature that makes it useful for every individual is that it can support any QR/Barcode format. This can not only scan such codes but can also efficiently read and decode them. The Free QR Reader can swiftly read and decode QR code, Data Matrix, Maxi code, Code 39, Code 93, UPC-A, EAN-8, etc. 


As mentioned before, this productive app can automatically zoom such codes and help you to scan them with ease. 

C.In-built flashlight 

It may seem a standard feature; however, it gives the window to scan any code even in low light, making it suitable for every environment. 

D.Doesn’t require an internet connection 

This is one of the most extraordinary features offered by this app. Suppose that your internet connection expired and you need to use a scanner to complete a task.

Keeping such scenarios in mind, Simple Design Ltd. came up with this feature, making it the top productivity app out there. 

E.Privacy settings 

There have been numerous cases wherein fraudulent apps have acquired a user’s details. Therefore, you can rest assured about the privacy settings of this app, as it only requires permission from the gallery. 

F.Aadhaar card scanner 

Other than scanning different QR and Barcodes, this device can also scan the Aadhaar Card. This app is fast and does its task by maintaining security protocols. Hence, you can utilize it to scan your essential documents with ease.

barcode scanner android app free download

G.Can scan your books even better than Diksha app  

It is the best free barcode scanner for android because other than scanning and decoding numerous codes; it comes handy to a bibliophile as well.

You can scan a section of a textbook, and instantly get access to its contents. 

You Can Download The App From Google Playstore:>Download<

H.QR/Barcode scanner and reader 

Lastly, comes the feature of scanning and reading different codes. This app can read any code of any size and instantly decodes it.

Other than that, it also offers an array of useful options that can be done after the completion of decoding. 


To conclude, it can be mentioned that this free barcode scanner app for android can be considered as an app which makes you productive every day. The features offered by this app are suitable for every individual who is always on the go.

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