5 Awesome Free Cloud Storage Apps For Android You Must Try

Do you also struggle to keep track of the piles of documents that come your way every single day at work?

Is it getting equally tricky as you are working from home?

If yes, then you can start using some free cloud storage apps for Android, which will help you to manage your files. 

In simple words, a cloud storage app is the next-generation mobile-friendly software which aims to accentuate your productivity.free cloud storage apps

Such apps will help you to store any document without risking its privacy.

Furthermore, you can make changes in your files directly from the cloud apps. Additionally, your documents become accessible wherever you are.

You need your files in the cloud storage, and it’ll be available when you are at the office or when you are at your home. 

If you also want to use a cloud app, it will be better to know which are the top awesome apps that can boost your productivity.

Top 5 free cloud storage apps for your Android Mobile

1.pCloud: Free Cloud Storage

One of the top free cloud storage for Android devices is pCloud. You might be wondering what makes it so unique.

free cloud storage android

To answer that question, we can say that you can store your crucial data from more than one linked device, and it will be held in its encrypted folder.

Other than that, you can avail up to 10GB of free storage space after signing in. However, if you need more storage space, you can subscribe to it and avail up to 2TB of space.

If you want to start using pCloud, you can go through the following features:

It will automatically take the backup of your photos and videos.

You can access your documents in offline mode.

You can share your files with anyone directly.

You can swiftly upload your documents.

Download from Google playstore


Another useful cloud storage app is IDrive, as this enterprise specializes in online data backup applications.

free cloud storage for android

Therefore you can rest assured about the credibility and efficiency of this app.

IDrive is best suited for personal usage; however, you can also upload your essential files in this cloud storage.

This one of the best productivity apps that you’ll come across, as it allows you to take a backup from multiple devices and sync them automatically.

The top features of IDrive are laid below:

  • You can avail up to 3TB of free storage space.
  • Swiftly sync files between all linked devices.
  • Reminds you to take backup regularly
  • IDrive comes with a private key inscription to provide you with top-notch security.
  • You can easily unlink from another device if one of your linked devices gets stolen. 
  • You can lock your important apps with passwords.

Download from Google playstore


This file synchronizing, file management and cloud storage app can be your go-to mobile friendly software, as it allows 12 GB of free storage space once you start using it.

best free cloud storage app for android

When it comes to media and/or data backups, the precision and swiftness of MediaFire are impeccable.

Additionally, you can access the data that you’ve uploaded on the cloud storage from anywhere you want; be it your office PC or your laptop at home.

Go through the top features of MediaFire to know more about it:

  • Other than the 12GB free storage, you can avail up to an extra 50 GB of space.
  • MediaFire allows you to view files, PPT, video directly from the cloud account.
  • It automatically takes backup of all of your media and data once your account is synced with cloud storage.
  • You can save files from social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Download from Google playstore


If you are looking for one of the best productivity apps for Android, that too specializes in cloud storage, and then you can opt for MEGA.best productivity apps andorid

This mobile-friendly software is mainly known for reasons; firstly, it offers 50GB of storage space once you get started.

Secondly, it has a user-control encrypted privacy policy.

In simple words, the files will be encrypted and decrypted by your command, which will further ensure the security of your crucial data.

Not only just files, but your videos calls will also be end-to-end encrypted.

You can go through the following section to know about the top features of MEGA –

  • It is one of the fastest cloud storage; therefore, it will save a lot of your time and help you to be productive throughout the day. 
  • You can even pause while uploading your files.
  • You can save your email with the “Contacts tab”.
  • From the “Rubbish bin” you can retrieve the files you’ve deleted. 
  • If you want enormous storage space, you can get the subscription of Pro3. With this subscription, you can avail up to 4TB of storage space, and with 8TB bandwidth. 

Download from Google playstore


One of the most exciting apps in this area that you will come across is MiMedia.best productivity apps for android

This next-generation cloud storage app will provide you with an utmost engaging experience.

MiMedia comes with various useful tools which will help you to save your precious memories and crucial documents on the cloud and manage them according to your command.

This specific app has a straightforward user interface, which makes it a good option for every individual, including the ones who are not very tech-savvy.

By going through the top features of MiMedia will help you to learn more about it :

  • After signing in you can avail up to 12Gb free storage space.
  • If you require more space, you can apply for any of the 3 plans, wherein you’ll get up to 500GB, 1Tb and 2TB respectively.
  • Other than your Android device, you can pair it with any other device which has Windows and macOS.
  • The option for file sharing is very simple; you can do it through a singular and secured link.

Download from Google playstore


To conclude, it can be mentioned that there is an array of cloud storage apps and everyone one of them is equally unique.

Such mobile-friendly software will not only make your work swifter but will also boost your productivity.

If you are an individual who has to handle numerous documents, then such apps can be very beneficial for you.

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