Google Assistant:A Stunning Personal Assistant App For Android Users

Google is not just a search engine, but it’s been designed to support one’s gadgets.

The organization works in a vast area and is continuously providing us with numerous productive features.    

Google LLC mainly deals with AI based technology, and in 2016 it introduced one of the revolutionary intelligent personal assistant android apps of our time.

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This app is called Google Assistant or Google Voice Assistant, and it’s been incorporated in Android phones since February 2017.

Practically, Google Assistant is the extended version of Google Now.

The difference between Google Now and Google Assistant is that it is more updated and can be involved in two-way conversations.

Thus making Google Assistant one of the top “5 personal assistant apps” for android. 

Google Voice Assistant :An Overview 

Although you’ll find Google Assistant on your phone, it’ll help to know about it beforehand to experience its premium features.

Initially, it can be said that it’s very user friendly and easily understandable.

The first step that you need to take to get started is that you need to tap on the microphone icon and say, “Ok Google“. 

What is Google assistant Android? 

To efficiently use the Google Assistant, you need to learn about it from the basics.

The first that may come into your mind is what is this Voice Assistant?

To put it simply, it can be said that this artificial-intelligence powered android assistant app can make every user more productive and interactive.

This app single-handedly, allows you to do numerous tasks, by your voice commands.

You can use this specific app to trigger the apps in your phone and ask questions, make schedules, and execute them with ease.

Such features are not confined in a small vicinity but can be done with an array of useful tasks.

One of the best parts of the Google Assistant is that it supports over 30 languages; hence, if you can’t or don’t want to speak English, it’ll not be an issue, and you can experience the useful features of this app without any difficulty.

This, in effect, renders Google Assistant one of Android ‘s strongest personal assistant applications.

A few specifications of Google Assistant 

It is safe to say that even the basic idea of Google Assistant gives one an impression regarding its usefulness and how it can accentuate productivity.

However, if you don’t have this app on your phone and you wish to download it, it’ll help if you knew about its specifications beforehand. 

Google LLC introduced Google Assistant, and its niche is productivity.

best personal assistant apps for android
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Other than that the size of this app is 1.3 MB, and its current version is 0 .1.187945513, which is suitable for any android devices.

Google Assistant is known to be one of Android’s best virtual assistant applications; therefore, it has more than 100,000,000+ users. 

The developers of Google LLC understand that updating their apps is also necessary to provide efficient results to their users.

Hence, a few changes have been made in Google Voice Assistant.

Firstly the developers have added a shortcut key so that it’ll be easy to launch Assistant actions.

A long-press key has also been added so that users can quickly try it out. Other than that they fixed bugs and made improvements.

One last thing that has been added recently is that the Google Assistant can now also support Android L and tablets. 

What can be done by using the Google Voice Assistant? 

The idea on which Google Assistant was built can be understandable; now the question comes, what can you do with this specific app? You can give commands to your device by saying wake words like “Ok Google” or “Hey Google“.

The ability of Google Assistant to allow voice-activated device control gives you the window to execute numerous Tasks.

Furthermore, it can be added that the Google Assistant on Android was designed to provide you with conversational experience.

Other than that, there are tasks that you can easily do with this app. Such varied tasks are laid below:

1.It allows you to control your music

2.You can play games

3.It quickly opens apps on your phone

4.To make your work easier, it runs timers and reminders

5.You can manage your devices and your smart home

6.The Google Assistant reads your notifications to you

7.With the help of this app, you can easily find information online, from restaurant bookings to directions, weather and news

8.It provides you with real-time spoken translations

9.You can make appointments and send messages with this app

10.It gives you access to information from your calendars and other personal information

11.You can easily play content on your Chromecast or other compatible devices

Top features extended by Google Assistant 

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In the above mentioned section, a few tasks have been mentioned, which can be done by Google Assistant.

Likewise, a few of the top features are also laid below, so you can enjoy your experience of using Google Voice Assistant: 

1.Stay in touch with you loved one with hands-free calls, texts:

This feature makes it easy and exciting for you to stay connected with your loved ones. Commands like, reading texts, making calls are a fun way to keep in touch.

2.Play music and videos with your voice:

You can quickly find the perfect music to compliment your mood. You can find songs according to their genre and play your music without interruption. 

3.Get assistance throughout the day:

Perhaps this is the most efficient feature, which helps you to complete your tasks in the smartest way imaginable. Google Assistant lets you keep on top of your plans and quickly reach deadlines.

You Can Download The App From Google Playstore:>Download<


In conclusion, it can be said that with the help of Google Assistant has been designed to make your work more efficient and swifter. Moreover, the ability to have conversational interface allows this not only fun but also the strongest android virtual assistant application.

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