Grammarly:Best Free Grammar Checker App For Android

Writing has become an integral part of our life, and the way we write things gives off the essence about ourselves. A lot of people are engaged in content marketing, and some are in full time blogging.

Therefore we require a smart app that will not only make our writing efficient but will also increase our productivity.

grammar checker app for android
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When you are continuously writing for hours, a few silly mistakes can happen, be it spelling, or grammar.

Sometimes, we can also fail to incorporate the perfect words, to frame a crucial sentence or paragraph.

Such incidents may not only occur when you are working but can also take place when you are on a commute and making last-minute edits.

Therefore, considering such scenarios, Grammarly Inc has developed an app keyboard for your Android device, which will help you to avoid such silly mistakes.

Furthermore, it can be said that it is not just about avoiding silly mistakes in a write-up, however, the grammarly app for Android will also make your writing more professional.

This, in turn, would help you to reach your target audience efficiently.

Grammarly:A cool grammar checker app for android

The grammarly keyboard for phones is developed with the idea to make our writing better and more professional, and the very concept makes it desirable for any individual who writes a lot.

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Although, before getting started, an overview of this productive app will give you a fair knowledge of the same, and you can’t utilize it with ease.

The size of the Grammarly keyboard is 92MB, and the current version of this app is

This spell checker app has been built in a way, which makes it suitable for any Android phone, and the best part is that it is entirely free.

However, before downloading Grammarly, you should know that to function properly, this app requires at least the 5.0 version of Android.

Furthermore, the features of this mobile-friendly app have been proven so useful that it holds a rating of 3+ and above 10,000,000+ users. 

Grammarly For Android:Essential Features 

The top features of this free grammar checker app for Android is as follows:

1.You can create an account and set a password

2.It uses accounts on the device

3.Grammarly read terms you added to the dictionary

4.This app controls the vibration of your Android mobile

5.It incorporates words to user-defined dictionary

6.It requires full network access

7.Grammarly keyboard lets you download files without notification

8.Grammarly view network connections to provide better service

9.Grammarly for Android prevents the device from sleeping

10.It quickly receives data from the Internet

11.Grammarly keyboard runs at startup

Grammarly app:What you can do 

best free grammar checker app for android
Google playstore

Following are a few of the tasks that you can execute with this productive Android-friendly app

It is convenient and swift

One of the primary utilizations of Grammarly is that its beneficial feature makes your writing speedier.

Following are the things which are cover in this category:

1.It is easy to set up

2.Grammarly provides predictive text suggestions

3.Smooth integration with all apps

Takes your writing up a notch

Go through the following section to know how this app makes your writing efficient with its revolutionary features.

Following areas are covered:

1.Grammarly can make advanced punctuation correction

2.Provides you with contextual spelling checker

3.It has an inbuilt grammar checker

4.It has vocabulary enhancements and synonyms features

Improves your skill

Grammarly keyboard is considered to be one of the best productivity apps for Android, because how it helps you to get better at what you do.

Following this are covered in this section:

1.You can receive to-the-point explanations for every correction

2.Grammarly understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future

You can customize it according to your requirement

Lastly, it can be added that grammarly lets you customize it so that you can be more productive.

Following are a few things that are customizable in this app:

1.Dialect settings (American, Canadian, British, and Australian English)

2.Light and dark themes

3.Personal dictionary

In conclusion, it can be said that the Grammarly keyboard is the most useful app for the individuals who write a lot.

You Can Download The App From Google Playstore:>Download<

The beneficial features not only help you to avoid silly mistakes but also maintain accuracy in your field.

Therefore, it can be said that Grammarly keyboard is the best free grammar checker app for Android.

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